Buy Advertising That Works

Advertise only on websites you want, so you'll know where traffic is coming from. No more guesswork. Or buy "run on network" ads (RON) and target multiple websites with specific keywords. We put quality traffic before quantity, so you profit more.

Accurate Visitor Targeting

Target categories, whole domains, individual pages, languages, geographical regions, and devices like PC, tablets or phones.

Pay Only For Real Visitors

Often publishers use sophisticated bots to generate fraudulent clicks. Our technology automatically detects cheats so you are not charged for fraudulent clicks.

Free Marketing Advice

We know if your results are better, you will gladly bid higher for advertising. So we provide free advice to maximize your conversion rates.

CPC, CPM, CPA & Monthly Buyouts

Choose the advertising models you want.

Track Conversions

Know which ads on which pages are profitable.

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Guaranteed Highest Revenue

If we don't have a higher paying advertiser for you, our software automatically displays ads from any other network you want (such as Google Adsense). So you never waste traffic, and always get the highest rate possible. Also our commission is just 5% but the industry average is over 20% (Adsense is 32%). You are guaranteed to earn more with us.

No Revenue Interruption When Switching Networks

If you just want to test our network, you'll have no revenue interruption because your default ad code (such as Adsense) will display automatically whenever we don't have higher paying advertisers for you. So you are guaranteed to either earn more, or earn what you currently do.

Ad Types That Suit Any Website

Use a variety of ad types to suit your website, including banners, peel ads, text ads, inline (contextual) ads, popup, popunder and more.

We Find Advertisers For You

We review your website and actively find new advertisers for you. If you currently receive $100 per month ad renenue from a particular page, we may find the perfect advertiser who would gladly pay $1,000 per month for an ad on your page. Such results are common.

You Choose Which Ads To Display

Auto approve all ads, or manually approve each ad. You have full control.

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Why We're Better Than Adsense

AdSales Ninja is service by Site Promotions ( Founded in 1999, we've been around as long as Google. But instead of selling advertising, we buy and use it to promote products. After all, the advertiser usually profits more than the publisher. Even a $50 ad can return $5000 profit. But most publishers prefer to sell advertising because it's simpler.

Often we purchase entire ad inventories of websites to promote products for commission. If you have a popular website, we'll conside buying all of your inventory too. And we'll pay significantly more than Adsense because we eliminate Google's 32% commission. But if we don't buy all your advertising, you can list your site here for other advertisers. Our commission is only 5%. If there are no advertisers that will pay you higher than Adsense, then your normal Adsense ads are automatically displayed. So your revenue is always maximized.


How To Start


1. Create an account and verify your email address.

2. Login and go to "Manage Ad Zones" and create your first ad zone. This is an advertising space on any part of your website. You can define the audience, type of ads and related details.

3. Once you have saved your new ad zone, go back to the main menu and click "Manage Ad Price". You will be able to set the prices. We suggest setting them higher than what you receive from other networks such as Google Adsense.

4. Go back to the main menu and select "Manage Ad Zones", select your new ad zone, then click "Get html code for above selected Ad Zone".

5. Now you can get the HTML code to paste wherever you want ad to appear. If you also use Google Adsense or another network, insert the Adsense HTML code in the provided box.


That's it! Now advertisers can purchase ads on your site. If we have no ads to display, then your default HTML code will be displayed instead. Your default HTML code can be anything you want, such as your Google Adsense code. This way you use 100% of your available advertising and automatically maximize your profit.


1. Create an account and verify your email address.

2. Click the Directory link and use the filter to find targeted websites. Also use the search field to enter keywords and find suitable websites to advertise on.

3. Select the websites you want to advertise on and set how your ads will appear.

4. Once the website owner approves your ad, it will begin displaying when other ads are complete.

Remember to use the conversion tracking code . This is an extra HTML code you enter on your "end of sale" or "thankyou" page that your visitor sees after they performs a specific action, such as purchase or join your newsletter. This allows you to track how much of the traffic is converting to leads or sales for you. You should never buy any advertising without tracking conversion rates, otherwise you wont know which advertising is profitable.

See an explanation of ad types and how they appear

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